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Master your product's retention

Learn proven methods for building a
data-informed retention strategy

"Retention is a critical metric for any product or service, but most teams don't have a deep understanding of how to improve it. 'The Product Analytics Playbook' provides actionable strategies you can apply immediately to keep users coming back."

Nir Eyal
Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products


Get the 1st volume of the Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering retention

Retention is critical for every product, whether you're at a Fortune 500 or a 5-person startup


Until now, most available resources only list tactics and “growth hacks,” offering little guidance on developing a comprehensive retention strategy. The Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Retention fills that gap; it's the culmination of years of working with the industry's top product teams and retention experts.


Download the book to get 155 pages (and 7 worksheets) teaching you:

  • How to build retention into your product (if you're looking for tactics around emails and push notifications, this is not the book for you)
  • A comprehensive approach to retention across all stages of the user lifecycle, not just new users
  • How to leverage your user behavior data to identify opportunities to improve your product

Developed from our experience working with leading product and growth teams



What's Inside

155 pages of actionable strategies for driving retention that you can adapt for any product or industry


Why You Need to Care About User Retention

Your business can't grow if it's not retaining users. You will learn:

  • Why your sole focus shouldn't be on user acquisition
  • Why retention is important for companies at any stage of growth
  • How we developed the Retention Lifecycle Framework 

Your Critical Event & Product Usage Interval

This chapter introduces two important concepts that will inform how you carry out analyses using the Retention Lifecycle Framework. You will learn:

  • What your critical event is
  • How often users naturally come back to use your product

The Retention Lifecycle Framework

When it comes to retention, not all users are created equal. In this chapter, we introduce the Retention Lifecycle Framework. You will learn:

  • 3 ways to measure retention
  • The different stages of the Retention Lifecycle and why they matter
  • How to break down your user base into new, current, and resurrected users

Product Analysis Toolkit

This chapter presents methods and analyses to help you understand user behavior in your product. You will learn:

  • What behavioral personas are and why they're important
  • How to use various product analyses to diagnose users at each stage of the Retention Lifecycle

Current User Retention

Dive into the behaviors of your currently engaged users to understand what factors contribute to their retention. You will learn:

  • The core behaviors or features in your product that are leading new users to form habits and become current users
  • How to get current users to become core users, and core users to become power users

New User Retention

The new user experience presents a huge opportunity for improving your retention and growth. You will learn:

  • The behaviors that contribute to whether a new user retains or churns
  • How to effectively onboard new users
  • How to quickly show value to new users during their early experience

Resurrected User Retention

Although often overlooked, all of the users who churn from your product have the potential to be resurrected – and retained. You will learn:

  • Whether resurrected users should be a focus for your team
  • How to reactivate dormant users
  • How to get newly resurrected users to retain long-term

What to Do Next

Now that you've learned the Retention Lifecycle Framework, it’s time to start putting this playbook into action. You will learn:

  • How to set concrete retention goals
  • How to prioritize and establish a cadence of experiments
  • The importance of integrating quantitative and qualitative data


"This book distills the industry’s best proven methods into a clear, practical framework on which companies at any stage can take immediate action — it’s a must read for product and growth teams."



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