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Chapter 1

Why You Need To Care About User Retention

The real work begins after the install. Companies that win are able to collect and act on data across all customer touch points in order to deliver real-time & relevant engagements to customers.



In this Chapter...

The internet now has over 3 billion global users and counting, with the number increasing steadily by 10% year over year. Easier online access means people are using digital products across desktop and mobile more than ever. Unfortunately, that means it’s only getting harder for software companies to stand out from the competition and keep users interested in their product.

How do you build a product that's not only capable of acquiring users, but also keeping them around? In other words, how do you sustain real growth? It starts with understanding why retention is so critical to growth.


What you'll learn:

1.1 - Acquisition isn't the whole answer
1.2 - Shifting focus to user retention
1.3 - When should you start thinking about user retention?
1.4 - How this playbook will help