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Chapter 3

The Retention Lifecycle Framework

Too many teams try to artificially increase their active user counts through simply acquiring new users. Of course, top of the funnel is important, but the growth of your current and resurrected user base is what really matters for true growth.

In this Chapter...

After getting a baseline of your current metrics and your product's usage in Chapter 2, it's time to dive into the meat of this playbook. In Chapter 3, you'll learn the Retention Lifecycle Framework, a comprehensive framework for benchmarking and improving retention.

In the first half, you'll learn 3 different ways you can analyze your retention. The second half discusses why you should look at your users in 3 separate stages: new, current, and resurrected users; the flow of users between these three stages is what makes up the Retention Lifecycle Framework.


What you'll learn:

3.1 - 3 ways of measuring retention
3.2 - The Retention Lifecycle Framework
3.3 - Creating your lifecycle cohorts