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Chapter 4

Product Analysis Toolkit

What users do is much more important than who they are. If you only segment by demographic data and don’t dig into user behavior, you’re limiting your opportunities for impacting retention.

In this Chapter...

After establishing your baseline metrics and identifiying your critical event and product usage interval in the previous chapter, we're going to take a quick pause before we dive into your Retention Lifecycle. Chapter 4 introduces key concepts and methods that that you'll use to analyze the behavior of users during each lifecycle stage.

You'll keep referring back to these methods throughout the rest of the playbook, including: behavioral personas, segmentation, funnel conversion rate, common user flows, behavioral cohort analysis, and stickiness.


What you'll learn:

4.1 - An introduction to behavioral personas
4.2 - How to find your behavioral personas
4.3 - Digging into retention: your product analysis toolkit