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Chapter 6

New User Retention

Retention is arguably the first metric any app developer needs to optimize. If your users leave your app as soon as they download it, how are you ever going to achieve any of your goals? It’s the kind of user that sticks around that you need to acquire.

In this Chapter...

New user retention is probably the most commonly and closely analyzed type of retention — many of the resources available today about user retention are focused on how you retain your new users. And for good reason: recent benchmark data shows just how critical a user's early experience is.

The new user experience presents a huge opportunity for improving your overall retention and growth. This is your chance to make a stellar first impression. If you don't successfully onboard a new user and show value as quickly as possible, there's a very high chance that user will never come back.


What you'll learn:

6.1  - New users diagnostic
6.2 - Find behavioral personas of your new users
6.3 - Understand your onboarding funnel
6.4 - The phases of new user retention: Onboarding and Value Discovery
6.5 - Identify the drivers of successful Onboarding
6.6 - Identify the drivers of successful Value Discovery