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Chapter 7

Resurrected User Retention

The longer that a customer goes without engaging with your brand, the less likely they are to be retained. A robust re-engagement strategy that uses real-time data as its foundation, is segmented for better personalization, touches multiple messaging channels, and is optimized based on past results is the key to getting customers back on track and driving them one step closer to loyalty.

In this Chapter...

Resurrected users are often overlooked when people discuss retention strategies, but they can offer a lot of potential for improving your overall retention and active user count. Think about it this way: all of the users who churn from your product have the potential to be resurrected. If you're like most companies, that's a pretty big pool of users.

In addition, you’ve already acquired these users — that means you have a better chance of re-engaging them than you do convincing a brand new prospect to try your product. Often, you can spend fewer resources (whether that's ad dollars or your team's time) resurrecting users than trying to acquire brand new ones.


What you'll learn:

7.1 - Resurrected users diagnostic
7.2 - Find behavioral personas of your resurrected users
7.3 - Identify triggers of resurrection
7.4 - Compare resurrected user behavior to new and current user behavior